So Functional

"I absolutely love the functionality of the rope drop backpack. Installing the hydration kit was a bit tricky until I found the “how to” video on the website. The color is so beautiful and really stands out. I had a fun time arranging the pins on the front pocket too. I haven’t had a chance to use the net storage yet, but I’m sure it will come I handy. Thank you for designing a great looking as well as multifunctional backpack for us die hard Disney fans."



"I wanted to let you know that I received our backpacks in plenty of time for our trip. We used them all three days at the parks and they were awesome. I used the hydration kit, too, and found it helpful. Thanks very much!"


I Love it

"My friend @anna_mca13 just gifted me the black rope drop backpack and I used it for the first time yesterday at the park! I love it! I had so much room for more stuff. I’ll make sure I take a pic next time. Thank you!"

–M. Giangrande   

So Soft and Well Constructed

"This bag is PHENOMENAL and I just took it out of the packaging. it's literally been at my house for 5 minutes and I am in AWE that shade of brown is amazing. It's SO SOFT. the straps are so comfortable. this bag is 234324 times more comfy than a Loungefly. It's so well constructed. It exceeded my wildest expectations. I usually keep my Disney stuff at Disney but I would carry this bag in public!"  

Hydration is a Game Changer

"We ordered the hydration system for our latest Disney trip and it was a GAME CHANGER! We LOVED it! It’s super convenient to pack, and put in your park bag (because it’s small.) It’s super awesome it can fit a regular water bottle, and ready to drink from at any moment. No more grabbing the water bottle and trying to put it back. Easy to use and always ready without the hassle. 10/10 recommend for each person in your group with a bag :) "

–L. Dawson  

Stylish and Functional Bags for Any Adventure!

"I gifted bags to my girlfriends in advance of our trip back in November (and you actually met one of my friends in the park and gave her a sticker!). We loved how much we were able to fit in our bags, the hydration system, the ear storage, the extra under-bag storage, and the ability to personalize them with our pin collections. We all now use them as our default carryon bags for flights."  


"I purchased your bag thanks to a referral from a friend who had RAVED about it. I was so excited when I received it so quickly in the mail it was so much more beautiful than I envisioned. Once I began to customize it for my trip I became OBSESSED! It was a major lifesaver on my last two Disney trips & I was constantly getting compliments throughout the parks. I even ended up ordering another one for my best friend for her birthday she used it on our last trip & was just as in love as I was."

–A. English  


"Thank you @designerparkco! Your bags have been life savers this trip! It has been easier to stay hydrated, and the storage net has come in handy more than once!"

–Kimberly L.  

Lots of Room

"I was SO excited when I first heard about this bag. Not only is the couple running the company some of the nicest people I know, but the bag… omg the bag! I love this bag! It’s so roomy (I have a spare pair of shoes, a jacket, a rather largely wrapped holiday ornament, my wallet, sunblock, and some other small things inside it. And there is still room!!! If you are looking for THE BEST bag to take for a day, any day, any place… look no further! @designerparkco , well done!"

–A. Davis  

All Around Awesome Bag

"I have the black Rope Drop bag and I can't say enough positive things about it! I absolutely love that it's a cute, roomy bag that comes with a hydration kit! This bag has enough room for water and all your essentials while still being fashionable. I got so many compliments, even from cast members whom I gushed to about how awesome this bag is! I like how I can add my own pins so that it matches my personality. My bag held up great on my recent Disneyland trip and I've used it since then as a diaper bag/catch all with my two young kids. I recommend this bag to any Disney enthusiasts."

–S. Gutierrez  

For the Parks and Everyday

"I've owned my bags (yes plural) for a few months now & they have accompanied me on several grocery store runs, movie theater outings & is going with me to Rocky Point this weekend! I will DEFINITELY be taking this to my upcoming Disney trip! I just love it! Comfortable to wear, amazing quality, has maintained its shape & fits perfectly! Big enough to hold all of your park/travel needs (water bottle, phone, charger, jacket, wallet, etc) but small & cute enough to use as an every day purse. It frees up your hands/shoulders so you're not having to carry anything.

Bonus, you get to display your Disney ears & pins! So you can really customize and change the look of it ALL THE TIME! It’s like a new bag! You even get the Hydration system with the bag! Soooo helpful!! OMG! The bag also comes with a netting in the bottom for extra storage! Another feature to help keep those hands and arms free! I have friends & family that I have introduced this bag to and now they LOVE theirs too!! So if you’ve been hesitant or unsure, don’t be! Go get one because you absolutely WILL LOVE IT! Thank you so much Debbie for this amazing bag you’ve created! Cannot wait to see more designs you come up with to add to my collection!"   

Everyday Use is Amazing

"I’m blown away by the quality of this product. I’ve never come across vegan leather that is so soft and realistic! The bag is the perfect size to hold everything you need for a day on the go, at a park or just regular life. The gold hardware is still perfect and shiny even though I’ve been using it daily for months. I get compliments on it all the time. Can’t wait to take it to a park!"  

So many features  

"I preordered my backpack over a year ago and after it arrived in late spring, it quickly became my favorite bag to use in the parks over some other brands. It makes it very easy for me to bring two ear headbands to the park and prominently display one on the front of the bag. I love being able to easily swap pins on the front pocket.

The spring lock mesh net on the bottom has carried my jacket or purchases. I can’t speak to the water bottle tubing as I usually bring a small stainless steel tumbler for water, but I have used the slot for the tubing for charging cables and it’s great. The bag is capable of carrying so much! My good taste was reinforced one time when I was waiting in line to pay for merch one day and a woman behind me said “great bag,” and then I noticed she had the exact same backpack in black with white polka dots. Fun coincidence!"

–Kathleen C.

Great for my Daily Rope Drop

"As a Cast Member who uses my plaid rope drop almost daily, I can honestly say it is practically perfect in every way! Not only do I get compliments on it’s design EVERY time I’m carrying it (it’s literally a perfect match to our royal Stewart tartan), it was built for function and durability. I absolutely love all of the pockets and sections that separate and keep everything organized. And it’s literally the perfect size- smaller than a traditional backpack (which would be too large to carry into work) but larger than a small purse (which gives me the room to carry everything I need without being too small or big of a bag to carry in and out of the park). I purchased the Plaid Rope Drop strictly for its print but it has exceeded every expectation I had. I LOVELOVELOVE this bag and will beneficent be purchasing another in the near future!"

–M. Cha

Most functional bag I have ever had

"I bought the Master Gracey bag a few months ago and it’s already been on two trips with me, one to Disneyland and on to World. It’s honestly the most functional park bag I’ve ever had. Being able to swap out pins so it always matches my outfit is so much easier than bringing and changing out other character or park specific bags and the extra space means I can bring everything I need with me into the park. Not to mention, it looks so cute with any outfit. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it too. I recommend this bag to everyone who asks about it."


So Many Adventures

"I ordered the plaid rope drop as soon as it came out and absolutely love it! It been on so many adventures. To the beach, up to the mountains and all the baseball games in between. It fits everything I need. I'm even more excited because my backside of water bottle just arrived and is perfect! And now that they are both together we have a trip to Disneyland coming up. So excited to show it off!"

–A. Mayer  

An Everyday Bag

"I bought the Walt Disney World magazine rope, drop bag for my daughter for Christmas that she absolutely loves it. If she’s going overnight somewhere, she uses it as her overnight bag besides using it as her every day bag it’s very sturdy."

–P. Serour  

The best all day bag for a day at Disney

"As a magic key holder, finding the perfect all day parks bag had been a struggle. Yes, I had some super cute Loungeflys but they weren’t practical enough. I LOVE getting to put my own style into my rope drop bag with my pins and ears. And the hydration kit is pure GENIUS! It’s truly the best all day bag for a day at Disney. I can’t wait to add to my Designer Parks Co collection. Comfort and style, in and out of the parks!"

–B. Barns

Great for Park Days

"I purchased 3 of the rope drop backpacks right before we went on our recent Disneyland trip. These bags were perfect! Great quality, cute and very functional. They easily held everything we needed and it was so nice to have the convenience of the straw kit. The extra storage pouch was perfect for holding jackets and sweatshirts. Great for park days and other travel! The best all day bag for a day at Disney."

–J. Connor  

Save your ears, and blow peoples minds

"This is by far my new favorite bag, it was absolutely perfect for our Disney trip! There are quite a few rides where the cast members recommend you remove your ears, and I knew they would always be safe and not get smashed when attached to my bag! The latch was incredibly easy and quick to use, and every time someone saw me take my ears on and off of the bag they were gawking over how incredibly clever it was!! It’s extremely cute AND functional!"

–J. Sterr  

In or Out of the Parks style

"I loooooove my Rope Drop Backpack in camel. I was already looking to switch from a tote bag to a backpack purse for my every-day bag in this same color (it looks expensive, and goes with everything). I'm a mom of young kids on the go, and I love the ease of a backpack for all my bending over, picking up, and filling of my hands. I have long been coveting similar Disney themed backpacks from other companies, but could not justify the price for the small size and lack of versatility anywhere besides a Disney park.

I tried to piece together all the design elements I loved about this bag; after pricing ordering my own hydration kit and a similar size bag with a front clasp, I was still spending more money than on this bag and missing out of the amazing features of the mesh storage net, grommet holes for the drink tube, and pin holes for collector pins. Now I can customize my bag for each visit. I have Harry Potter pins for Universal, Disney pins for WDW, and Atlanta and local swag for every day. When you remove the pins, it looks like a normal, everyday bag. I will get so much more use out of this bag than the other ones I was considering. It's lightweight with comfortably padded straps that have held up to my tugging tikes. I would recommend this bag to ANY one who is on the go, but still likes to be classically stylish. Thanks for all the intentionality behind this design."

–B. Cruze

Long Park Days

"I went to Disney World with my kids and parents. We did 1 day at Universal and 3 at Disney. My mom and I both have the Rope Drop backpack and LOVE IT! It was the perfect pack for long days at the park. Held everything I could need while at the park. And having my water in easy reach was AMAZING!!! Thanks for such a fun and practical bag!"  

Comfy, Chic Bags for Your Theme Park Day!

"My husband and I hit the parks from open to close. We share one bag for the day. While he'll wear my sparkly girly bag I don't really want to do that to him. After trying 8 different bags and on most days not wanting or needing a full size backpack I ran across Designer Park Company on WDW Magazine. These bags are comfy for the full day. Either of us can wear it. They don't get too heavy and fits what the 2 of us need for the day. Cute and super functional! I now own 2."


Such a Thoughtful Product!

"I just had to write and tell you how much I love your bags! They are super functional for going to the parks or just around town. The hydration kit is a game changer!! Thanks for all the thought that went into making these!"

–Sarah. J

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