Our Story

Disneyland is our favorite place on earth!

We visit the park regularly and embrace the fandom, collecting both ears and pins... 

While we love Disney, we also love efficiency! Over the years, we’ve come up with lots of hacks that help us maximize our time at the park, first as a couple and now as a family with two children. Friends often reach out when planning their trips, and we enjoy sharing our well-tested tips.



Each family member carries all items needed for a day in the park.

We strap personal backpacks onto our kids at a very young age. We find they love the sense of autonomy that comes from toting their own bags. They learned quickly to be responsible for their packs, loading them into rides and grabbing them as they exit. Plus, when our kids are in charge of their stuff, we parents have room for our personal items and a few family extras.



Heavy hydration & fashion faux pas...

We are all-day park goers, so our packs need to hold plenty of essentials, the first being water. A few years ago we began using Camelbak-style hydration packs. We are far from outdoorsy but thought these bags would be good because we struggled with staying hydrated while inside the park. Yes, they are functional but they can weigh a ton with a full 2-liter bladder and are near impossible to fill on the go. Also, apologies, but they are not classy or cute. We tried personalizing them with collectible pins but ended up damaging the material. Bottom line, we wanted to find something that works like a hydration pack but doesn’t look like we're ready to hike the Matterhorn!



Cute, but not ideal!

Following our latest trip to Disney World, we began looking for a backpack to fit our criteria of capacity, hydration, and style. We thought the answer would be to purchase some of the trendy backpacks sold in Disney parks. These are fun and fashionable, but we found that they are simply not big or versatile enough for a day in the park. So we continued our search for the perfect backpack, online and elsewhere. After finding that nothing exists with all the features we wanted, we decided to create our own...


Brainstorming a better design

We surveyed many Disney fan groups on Facebook and Instagram, asking park goers how they use their backpacks and what they consider to be “must have” features. Based on all the feedback, we created what we believe is the perfect park backpack. Thus begins our new venture, Designer Park Company, and our first backpack design.



functional, stylish & customizable

Our exclusive backpack includes these special design features:

  • a pocket & strap to store and display park ear headbands when they’re not being worn
  • a front zipper compartment with laser cut pin holes to securely display and rearrange pins without damaging the material
  • a hydration conversion kit option that allows you to add up to two standard (16 ounce bottle works best) disposable water bottles to an inside pocket of the backpack, allowing for flexibility with water weight
  • additional pockets & compartments for accessories like a cell phone, charging bank, autograph book, pressed penny book, and more!
  • a net hammock, hidden inside a bottom zipper compartment, for securing extra items (like a Mickey sweatshirt!) to the outside of the pack

This backpack and this company are a dream come true! We look forward to helping families improve and personalize their Disney experience.

Grab your ears & pins and have a great day at the park!

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